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About Us

C & S Walking Tractors, LLC, since 2012, provides sales and service of both BCS and Grillo brand walking tractors and compatible implements.  We are a small dealer with usually one tractor and multiple attachments in stock.  We are based in Auburn, AL but do not have a store front, so browse the website and call us so we can discuss what equipment fits your needs and budget.  The size and nature of our business also allows us to be flexible around the schedules of our customers.  Being a home-based business allows us to be available after traditional business hours and on weekends.  Feel free to give us a call and chat about BCS or Grillo equipment.  We look forward to working with you.

We now have Grillo walk behind tractors.

Grillo tractors have the same legendary reputation as BCS.  The Grillo company was founded in 1953 in Italy with passion to provide quality soil working equipment to small scale farmers.  These tractors are build tough and simple to provide multi-generational use. Grillo and BCS share a lot of the same attachments.  Some key Grillo features include:

  • 10 Year transmission warranty (5 yr commercial)
  • Value packed tractors with more features and engine choices to match budget
  • Simple design for DIY maintenance and repair
  • Active Clutch design provides safety and ease of operation

The Concept of the Walking Tractor

Walk-behind tractors are very versatile machines.  Throughout this website they will be referred to walk behind tractors or walking tractors, but these terms are interchangeable and mean exactly the same thing.  The handlebars are capable of rotating 180 degrees to allow different functioning implements.  With the handle bars turned in the engine out front position (Figure 1 below), the tractor is ready to be used mainly for soil working applications.  Soil working implements available for BCS and Grillo walk behind tractors includes a tiller, rotary plow, power harrow, plastic mulch layer, spring tine cultivator, hiller/furrower, moldboard plow, ridger, and root digger.  See the attachments tab for more information on these attachments.

BCS Model 749 with tiller.

Figure 1. BCS Model 749 with tiller.

Rotation of the handlebars to where they are located directly above the engine (figure 2 below) is mainly utilized for mowing and other applications.  A wide variety of mowing attachments are available that include the sickle bar mower, rotary brush mower, flail mower, HD combo mower, and the lawn mower. Some mowing applications allow the use of the mowing sulky, which allow the operator to ride along during the process.  See the accessories tab above for more information.  The dozer blade, chipper/shredder, and sweeper are also used in this position.


Figure 2. BCS Model 732 with rotary mower.

Attachment interchange is performed by simply removing 2 nuts and sliding the implement off the transmission studs.  For a more speedy attachment swap, a quick coupling system (figure 3 below) is also available that requires just the flip of a lever and a jiggle of the handlebars to release the attachment.


Figure 3. Quick coupling system.

Why buy a walking tractor?

Walk behind tractors use one single power source for a variety of tasks.  No more dedicated power units for each individual task with multiple engines to maintain.  With the quick coupler, attachments are easily exchanged and ready to use within seconds.  The tractors are right at home in tight spots and steep inclines, spaces in which a tradition tractor could not operate safely.  Features like a differential lock seen in the professional series tractors definitely make maneuverability a snap.  If you are interested in upgrading your garden equipment, starting a professional market farm, or maintaining food plots and hunting land; BCS and Grillo have a lot to offer.

How to decide on a tractor?

When deciding on a walk behind tractor, consider all the tasks you need to perform in your situation.  Not just tasks you need to perform now, but tasks that you may need to perform later down the road, because you can bet that your BCS or Grillo will last many years and many generations.  It is important to choose a tractor that has the capability to handle the implements you need and the size of the area they are needed for.  Refer to the compatibility chart on each tractor page to match your tasks with the right tractor.  Always feel free to give us a call to talk about which BCS or Grillo tractor is right for you.

Why BCS?

BCS has been manufacturing equipment since the 1940’s.  Their American presence started in the early 1970’s and is continuing to grow with over 650 servicing dealers in the United States.  BCS takes pride in the equipment they offer to their customers.  Their commitment to quality is obvious once you see a walk behind tractor and its attachments in person.  For more information and pricing for BCS equipment, click on the logo below or visit www.bcsamerica.com.  BCS offers peace of mind for the new owner of their equipment that is backed by a superior warranty and a 15 day satisfaction guarantee.  For more information on either, click on the links below.


Why Grillo?

Grillo has been making walking tractors since the 1950’s.  They quickly became known for their superior tiller which has tines that are slanted to allow unmatched digging and control along with an easy to use depth adjustment.  A variety of engine choice and tractors sizes make it easy to find a combinations that matches both your needs and budget.  The simple designs of their tractors along with the more economical price point make them a great choice for your farm, homestead, or business.